There are 14 residents of the Valley of Flowers, Callapa and Kupini areas were trained in the course of plumbing and electricity, they are currently doing the work of detecting leaks and water leaks at household level in the areas of project intervention.

In October 2015 has carried out the Basic Course Plumbing and Electric, aimed at residents of the areas of intervention with the aim of training local operators, to perform the work leak detection system drinking water system sewer and electrical system in the Valley of Flowers, Callapa and Kupini areas corresponding to Macro San Antonio district of the city of La Paz.
The course was conducted at the Center for Technology Transfer (CTT-FSH) dependent Sumaj Huasi Foundation. For the development of the courses will be featured guests INFOCAL and participation of professionals and technicians Sumaj Huasi with extensive experience in the subject.

Local operators trained in plumbing and electricity were formed to carry out the CAMPAIGN LEAK AND LEAKS WATER LEVEL DOMICILIARIO in the areas of project intervention. Through home visits proceeded to make the diagnosis of leaks and water leaks. According to the report provided by experts from the entity in the homes where these irregularities were detected it proceeded to repair them in order to ensure the welfare of the family.

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