The Thursday morning a Swedish delegation consisting of Thomas Alveteg, Rebeca Borda, Claudia Forer, Charlotte Thorner, Michaella Nilsson, Denisse Viklund and Åsa Karen Person, visited the families benefiting from the project of ecological toilets funded by the Swedish Embassy and executed by Sumaj Huasi Foundation in coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Water.
During the visit the families expressed their gratitude to the Swedish Embassy for donating resources that has enabled them to improve their living conditions of many families in the city of El Alto “an experience I can tell you, when I come to this area had no basic services, as I have kids had nowhere to your needs then I made a cesspool rain has fallen and I have covered everything, then every Thursday is a car that picked up the feces of other neighbors who have their ecological toilets then I asked how they have achieved their bathrooms and told through Sumaj Huasi that means nice house, I located the staff and succeed in making all the arrangements to have my bath, plus we learned a lot for example in caring for the Environment truth tell our story is long, I am very grateful to the Swedish Embassy for the support they have given us Huanca said Mario beneficiary of the San Simon with his wife and son.

After hearing this story of life Huanca Family was continued the journey to the community Villandrani District 9 of the city of El Alto where production in greenhouses of the Association APA visit – INTI where production is grown with fertilizers organic ECOSAN. Later the Swedish delegation moved to the Technology Transfer Centre where the treatment plant is ECOSAN organic waste.

In turn Juan Carlos Suntura, Project Coordinator Sumaj Huasi said the following “have gone from giving service sanitation to a production chain with a treatment system that affects the food security of the population, we will abocar now the sustainability of the project through a private model through companies since any sustainable basis is the generation of economic resources. We have had very good allies as the Swedish Embassy, SNV, the Ministry of Environment and Water through the Vice Ministry of Drinking Water and Basic Services, the community Villandrani has been a very important partner in this process staff Sumaj huasi, thank you very much for the support, “said Suntura.


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