La Paz, June 9, 2015.– Neighbors street December 25 of the Valley of Flowers area of the city of La Paz, were affected by the rupture of a pipeline, affecting approximately 20 houses and leaving water to the inhabitants of the surrounding areas.

John Mark Tenorio, a resident of Valle de Las Flores tells us what happened, “I live in the Manzano 1 was 10:45 at night when it happened the rupture of the pipe, it was like an explosion of dynamite I thought my flagon had trapping walked into my kitchen and everything was fine when I see my daughter go out I see the sky and looked like it had been bored, was sad I thought it was end of the world, but as had burst pipe, people have shouted Arto, we did not know whom to help and had to organize all the neighbors “

The day Monday Coordinator Projects Foundation Sumaj Huasi, Juan Carlos Suntura and a technical team visited the hostel where families affected are “If you are visiting the camp, we saw that the service we are providing to the project funded by INTERVIDA EDUCO it has done much have been the first institution to respond in a timely have been able to call the emergency in coordination with the Autonomous Municipal Government of La Paz way, with whom we are currently developing the project. Well we are satisfied by the response of other institutions that have joined to support in these difficult times that are happening affected families, we are now seeing according to the need of families installing showers and additional requirements such as quality water, healthy and good practices will be entrevistándonos with the leaders to coordinate and support according to their needs. Anyway team Sumaj Huasi be doing this constant monitoring and processes of training on hygiene practices that should be in such emergencies, “explained Suntura will also be made. Sumaj Huasi is waiting donating water filters if so required to ensure safe drinking water to those affected and prevent disease mainly in children and adults.

Meanwhile Edgar Castillo of Commercial Management EPSAS reported that an estimated 66 people are housed in tents “some are still in their homes that were not affected as a whole, according to the information we have are a total 124 people affected, the actions that took Epsas was immediately after knowing what happened the pipeline repair in less than 24 hours has been reinstalled water service, we have water in the camp, we are now to install a battery of showers understand that it will the Sumaj Huasi Foundation and this is an express request of the Minister of Environment and Water, Alexandra Moreira, who was visiting today the hostel, are serving food, is recovering educational materials some children who lost everything, is attending busing also talk to some directors of the Educational Units so that there is tolerance with students, are aspects that is coordinating a priority, there are other institutions that we also are supporting as Civil Defense, the Autonomous Government of the City Peace among others, “said Castillo.

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