The Foundation Sumaj Huasi

The SUMAJ HUASI healthy housing Foundation is a non-profit entity created on Feb. 19, 1998 to respond to the multiple problems generated by the existing human poverty in Bolivia and other developing country. To this end, it develops, implements and disseminates basic technologies, environmental and housing improvements designed to raise the standard of living of the inhabitants

of the peri-urban and rural areas sanitation.

It also assists victims of natural disasters, with the provision of temporary shelters and sanitation facilities using methodologies and technologies for rapid intervention. It also designs, plans and builds homes and developments under the concept of Healthy Housing to improve the health and environment of families.

The Foundation also develops productive and energy efficiency projects, assisting in the implementation of technologies and models crops and family; the use of solar and wind energy to meet the demands of low-income families energies.

All actions taken by the Foundation are training component for effective operation and maintenance of the constructed works. In addition, actions have been implemented Health Education aimed at families, school units and

Community authorities and / or municipal.


Landaeta Street no. 546, Esq. Pje Juan Pablo II
Tel./Fax (591) (2) 2116098 / (591) (2) 2493947
La Paz, Bolivia