Sunday 7 June 2015.- On the World Environment Day which is celebrated every June 5 Sumaj Huasi Foundation “For healthy housing” and Intervida EDUCO, organized the Fair “For Life and Environment” to raise awareness the community about the care of nature, held at the Central Kupini Zone, an event that is part of the activities of the project “Health Prevention and Environmental care in Four Districts of San Antonio District Macro”.

Exhibitors at the fair were the “environmental advocates” who were trained by staff of the Social Component of Sumaj Huasi on environmental issues, who were motivated to convey to the community on the trash, saving water, recycling, composting etc. topics of interest of the population. Promoters are young students of Educational Units B Delia Gambarte Child Jesus and Sergio Mauricio Villegas.

Also counted with the participation of a group of women called “Ecological DAMAS” on behalf of the neighborhood of Kupini Central Zone, who reported on the separation of waste in the appropriate containers “in the blue container must be deposited cardboard and paper in plastic yellow container and cans in the green organic waste container “so did meet Sonia Luna de Ovando, these messages were able to sensitize visitors at the fair by the World Environment Day.
the active participation of the authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Water in this process of awareness through broadcasting messages in educational fairs held in the areas of project intervention, institutions committed to citizenship also stands as it is the Control authority and Social Control of water and Sanitation present in each of the fairs providing information on water issues mainly emphasizing the saving of this liquid element actively involved in disseminating messages.

Meanwhile Juan Carlos Suntura, Project Coordinator Sumaj Huasi highlighted the participation of young students in this process of community awareness “within the implementation of the project we are developing with the support of Intervida EDUCO has been proposed as a strategy form the Environmental basically fifth and sixth high school students and since they have more training developed within the school, besides already have solid to develop and assimilate the knowledge that we are passing through the processes of training, knowledge promoters so you have planned that these people who have been selected by teachers and local level for their participation and motivation all their performance at school can transmit and replicate all your knowledge in Water, Sanitation, Environment and Risk Management that are developing in this period “. “Having the participation of ecological DAMAS has been a very pleasant surprise to see that the ladies are organized and given the messages we have given on the project and most importantly they have shown to the community and showed the spirit that they lead to spread the message to the community and to be an active part of the project “said Suntura.

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