• Healthy housing

    Sumaj Huasi conceptualizes the Healthy Housing, as an agent of health for its people, promotes family development and improving the ambient.

  • Capacity

    The Foundation enables the application of alternative technologies in water, sanitation and healthy housing as adaptation measures to climate change.

  • Technological innovation

    We develop, execute and disseminate basic sanitation technologies and using alternative energy.

  • Transparency

    Transparently manage resources, promoting popular participation in each stage of the project.

  • Respect our people

    We consider the cultural and social specificity as gender equity participation and inclusion for all and everyone in their right to access to water and sanitation.

Center for Technology Transfer (CTT - FSH)



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Technical Assistance Countries

  • Bolivia

  • Perú

  • Ecuador

  • Colombia

  • Chile

  • México

  • El Salvador

  • Panamá

  • Estados Unidos

  • Canada

  • Suecia